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The Castle Chronicle: Volume 64

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🔑 Key News

Major Headlines

  • Ripple launching USD stablecoin

  • US PayPal customers will be able to use stablecoin for international payments

  • Coinbase cleared in lawsuit over crypto transactions

  • Oyster introduces UBS (smartphone) powered by TON

  • HashKey Group unveils "HashKey Chain"

Project Updates

  • Broken code traps $24m of Lido staked SOL

  • Solana Tx Fail Rate skyrocketing

  • PlutusDAO winding down plsARB product after backlash

  • Sushi Swap unethically trying to rug assets from DAO & treasury

  • Another Goldfinch default happened worth $6M

  • Wormhole shares W launch roadmap

  • Ronin Network plans to launch enshrined zkEVM

  • Fantom launching their canonical stablecoin $USDC.e

  • Ethena onboards BTC for USDe backing and updates SATS campaign

  • Kamino Finance releases airdrop allocation checker

  • Fee Switch temp check for Aave

  • $TNSR went live and revealed their tokenomics

  • Andre Cronje releases FTM framework for launching memecoins

Interesting Projects

  • Figure: AI Robotics company building the world's first commercially viable autonomous humanoid robot

  • Launchpoint: Another LBP launchpad on Solana

  • Eidon AI: AI Data Availability & Restaking

  • r/datadao: World's first data DAO, focused on reddit data

  • Lumia: EigenLayer Restaked Roll Up

  • Skate Chain: Universal application layer for all chains

Courtesy of CJ - check out his telegram channel for daily news, projects updates and new releases

⛓ On-Chain Sleuthing

Arbitrum OG Buying $BOOP

Arbitrum has been arguably the most hated chain for the past few months. The native token underperformed. The memetokens were yeeted.

Does anybody remember $SIZE, supposedly pumped by insiders and hitlered to the ground?

Things are turning around though. $BOOP has risen from the ashes and has been on an absolute TEAR. Currently, the memecoin is sitting at $40mln market capitalization and we have spotted an OG that entered not too long ago.

Tztok is the founder of Dopex and was a super influential persona. He bought $30k $BOOP four days ago.

His wallet is public, so no need to gatekeep it: Tztok’s Wallet.

Also, we want to take on this opportunity to let everyone know that they now can migrate their old $DPX and $rDPX tokens to the new $STRYKE token.

Not too long ago, Dopex rebranded and subsequently brought the two tokens together under one.

Truly end of an era innit.

Research and analysis by unexployed

🔥 Hot Narratives Airdrop

New ETH Farm: Blackwing Finance

Another week. Another chain.

Although, it is getting a bit tiresome. These chains present huge farm opportunities, even for the lower networth fella’s among us!

In a nutshell, Blackwing Finance is a modular rollup akin to Aevo and dYdX as it focuses on leveraged/margin trading. The big twist is that they are using Initia for their foundation and makes it possible for users to leverage trade assets from any chain!

Blackwing Raised $4.5mln and is backed by dcfgod and Aptos Labs (great connection). The proejct is currently the only direct way to get exposure to Initia.

✅ Fits in a lot of narratives: Intents, Modularity, Omni-chain, Restaking.
✅ Unique tech: Limitless Pools to allow liquidation free leverage on any asset.
✅ Deposit for multitude of airdrops: Blackwing, Initia, Renzo, Eigenlayer.

Despite the low raise. I am quite bullish on this project since it offers a unique product and is the first chain built with Initia. It has connections with Aptos, also a L1 I am fairly bullish on, and is perfectly set up to become a great omni-chain infra piece for DeFi.

How to Stake on Blackwing

Blackwing uses the famous referral + points system to attract users and gain social exposure. To get started you need to use a referral code (note that they are single use, thus high chance they are given out):

If these codes do not work feel free to DM me for more on Twitter: @unexployed_

Then you simply add some socials (Twitter, email & telegram are not mandatory) and deposit some funds to earn your initial XP.

I recommend depositing through Arbitrum as it saves gas fees.

Additionally, you could opt to stake ETH on Renzo and deposit your ezETH on Blackwing. That being said, you should deposit here for the Blackwing and Initia exposure, so the deposit of staked ETH is not preferred.

Initia is a Cosmos Layer 1 which connects rollups building atop of it as Layer 2s. It uses Celestia for Data Availability and is built using the MoveVM.
> Raised $7.5mln, backed by Cobie, dcfgod, Delphi Digital

Elixir Social Farm

Big shoutout to Eagledrop for bringing this to my attention. He is one of the goats with regards to airdrop farming and being early to major opportunities. Go give this man a follow.

As he points out in his original tweet, Elixir (an orderbook liquidity layer) is going down the same social farming path as Monad.

Now we all know the power of social farming and cult forming as displayed by projects such as Bera Chain and Monad. It is incredibly bullish and a great tool for forming a strong and fanatic community around your project.

Not only is your community a source of education and marketing, a good community will also use and support your platform.

As Eagle points out, Elixir has closed their Telegram and will be purging members moving forward. The way to get in is through participation in their social Apothecary quests:

I highly recommend depositing in any of their USDC pools and minting some elxETH on Mainnet. Bonus points for running a node.

Why is Elixir so bullish?


✅ Innovative tech: liquidity layer for orderbooks.
✅ Legit team + backers: they raised $17mln at $800mln valuation

It is simply one of those farms that should not be overlooked.

Courtesy of unexployed

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📈 HTF Price Action Scenarios

Gm frens!

This week isn’t any different from last week. Price is still trapped inside this range and suppressed by the most recently formed supply zone.


  • Re-accumulation

  • Supply still suppressing price

  • Wait for a bullish break through the supply

We saw price briefly break through the supply zone only to get rejected immediately. For me to follow a move bullish with confidence I need to see a convincing break. That would mean a big impulse through the supply zone or at least a sustained move that spends time above the supply zone.

Until that happens, there’s nothing to do but sit on our hands.

Trade responsibly and I’ll see y’all next time!

Courtesy of Vlad - trend-based trader and MentFX student

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👁️ Early Opportunities: Runes

The Bitcoin ecosystem has been booming thanks to new developments.

Ordinals and BRC20s have lifted the mother chain from an awfully quiet place to a new thriving cultural ecosystem with art and memes.

The mastermind behind Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor, has come up with another breakthrough idea that will enable further speculation of memecoins on Bitcoin.

You can find his original manifesto here.

In essence, Runes is an improvement of the already existing BRC20 standard, which has enabled the creation of fungible tokens on Bitcoin. Here is a full comparison between the two:

As you can see, there is a lot of technical jargon involved, but in essence Runes align more with the underlying technology of Bitcoin, but also be more cost-efficient.

We expect Runes to outpace the growth of BRC20s and become the golden standard for tokens on the mother chain.

Casey has planned the launch of Runes at the Bitcoin halvening. This is set to happen around April 20th.

We have prepped a small list of projects that are affiliated with Runes:

  • RSIC: One of the first Ordinals collections on Bitcoin

  • Runestones: Another original Ordinals collection that is set to transition to Runes once it is live

  • RunesPad: Launchpad for new Runes, this one could become really popular once tokenized

  • RuniBot: Telegram bot to monitor and trade Runes. LBP and token will be on Ethereum

To get started in this area, get yourself a Unisat or xverse wallet, load it up with some Bitcoin from a CEX and head over to Magic Eden to explore their marketplace.

Good luck in the trenches, anon!

Courtesy of unexployed

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